How Can You Use Memory Foam Mattress Topper

At times it may so happen that a mattress begins to get worn out but still has some life left in it. Now and then a fluffy pillow top mattress may get a bit too expensive for the budget. Yet, at times you need just a bit of extra soft support on the bed.

Memory foam mattress toppers make an economical and practical option for getting an additional support and softness from any mattress. There are many producers making it with varying features and a range of prices, but most consumers prefer going for the thickest memory foam topper available. Toppers available with quilted cotton layers on top are very good, because they provide the support of memory foam with the natural softness of a quilted pillow top topper. Foam mattress toppers are not as expensive as replacing foam mattresses, and are thus afforded by people who favor traditional inner spring mattresses to derive the benefits of visco-elastic foam.


The utility of best memory foam mattress toppers is not just confined to beds. Having one for your old worn out futon mattress lends it support and comfort while sitting or sleeping.

Here’s a simple application for that. Open the futon and position the topper on top of the futon cushion and cover them both with a zipped cover that will hold the two together and provide protection. A topper with foam, 2-3 inches thick, should provide the desired cushioning and the futon continues to function normally.

A similar technique may be applied to improve upon broken down couch cushions. Most of the sofas and large couches have a sitting space that is nearly the same as that of twin mattresses. By keeping a one or two inch topper below the couch seat cushions you can give a new life to your old sofa. If the couch already has a sofa slipcover, the topper can be put on top of the cushions, and the entire arrangement may be covered with the slipcover for maximum benefit.


Many of us have all experienced the discomfort of sleeping on cushions of fold out sofa beds. Though most sofa beads are not designed to contain padding of a thick mattress topper, a topper of 2 to 4 inches would generally fit in there. You are aware that memory foam gets compressed, and thus gets folded in the sofa conveniently. Such small investment enables you to provide more comfortable arrangement for your guests.

Good furniture is costly and one doesn’t go for it all that often. Padded toppers are just fine, though they really fail to inject new life to a piece of old furniture. But memory foam toppers are different and allow you to make your old furniture very comfortable without burning a big hole in your pocket.


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